Hair Styles Making Headlines in 2016

2016 Style headlines

Hair Styles Making Headlines in 2016

There are three styles making headlines in 2016.

Firstly the short Gatsby inspired hair is poised to have a major moments the cheekbones-length crop is one of the new “It Girl” cuts and can be worn like Coco Chanel. But that doesn’t mean you’ll look totally throw back if you decide to go this route. It can still be worn to look really modern with a natural wavy texture.We’re totally on bored with this style, but if you are looking to rock your natural texture with this crop, make sure you talk to your stylist as this cut is a commitment and will take a while for it to grow out.

bang-hairstyles-for-2016Secondly the bold Statement making blunt fringe is another one of the major trends for the year. “it’s an easy way to get a new look, Just add a fringe if you are afriad to take
the plunge with a blunter cut of fringe that hits close to the brows, use Clip-on Extentions instead”.But curly girls dont have to be beholden to thier hot tools. Texured fringe is in. It’s a sexy way to embrace your texture and add a cool-girl element

Thirdly the Sleek Polished Lob has been a big deal for a while. ”It’s more of polished, sleek, and sexy tousled style that defines the lob”. It’s the new long, It’s a great length because you can look morden and cool while still havingthe sexiness of long hair with longer layers and blunt edges. With a cut like this you’re going to want to go for high shine and control. KEUNA Satin Oil Treatment or KEUNA Silkening Polish will be your new BFF.Just remember certian texture will have to work to get the ”Polished Look”

An easy way to update long hair is to add some texture boosting layers. For women who want to maintain their length, try cutting framing layers all around the front of the hair, by adding the layers it will help creat movement to the hair

What’s brilliant about these layers is the versatility they allow. They’ll look great in a blowout, and will help your hair maintian that oh so French and oh so enviable slept in vibe. They also help add volume to the crown of your hair which is great for women with finetexture who are looking for some oomph or to creat the illusion of more fullness.

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