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We believe that perfect beauty is different for every woman and that achieving it need not be a daily struggle.

That’s why we never mass produce but always tailor the look: Considering the individual’s unique features and needs when conceiving their cut and colour. We never concoct styles that just wash out, but cut a shape that stays in the hair, making it quick and simple to recreate every day.

Realising perfect beauty – individual and practical – is our goal.

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Treat Me Right Packages

Take good care of yourself and hydrate. If you look after yourself, everything else will fall into place.

R750 For 2 Hours 

A deep cleansing treatment for Guests whose skin is deeply clogged or acne. With a 15 min welcome massage included with this facial. 

R770 For 3 Hours  –

For the corporate individual in need of some down time,  15 min Back & Neck Massage ,Discovery Facial and Express Hand Grooming

R1700 For 5 Hours  –

Comforting Aromatherapy Massage, The Ultimate Facial, Completing the Experience with a Hair Treatment, Cut & Style 

R1900 For 6 Hours  –

Rebalance your mind, body and Soul with a hydrating facial, Fully Body Massage, Hand and Feet Grooming together with a hair treatment, Cut and Style

R3700 For 8 Hours 

Full Body Massage, Ultimate Facial, Deluxe manicure and pedicure. Dual Hair Colour, Treatment, Cut and Blow, Lunch and Makeup. Finish with a complimentry Sundowner

R850 For 3 Hours 

Tour Choice of treatment, Discovery Facial or a Full Body Massage As well as an Express hand and foot Grooming


“In the Entertainment world, you are expected to always look groomed and on trend. Without Lorinda  and Lynrae’s constant support and carefor all the Demands in my life, I couldn’t perform at my Best. When I walk into Phree Edge. I feel Warmth and Friendship and I really appreciate the Beautiful enviroment that they have created. I rely on my Team and they are truly the BEST”

Louise Carver, Singer and Songwriter
“I’ve been with Lorinda for fourteen years. It started whe i won a competition and part of my Prize was a makeover with Lorinda! Ever since I kept coming Back!!!!!
I will follow her where ever she goes”
Martie Yeates
“Genius beyond compare-with eyes and heart that truly see me. That is the way of Lorinda and her amazing Team. Who knew that just one morning,every time I walk Through the Phree Edge doors,could remind me
WHO I AM !!!!”
Gail Pearman, Creative Writer Muse
” Lorinda is a people’s person that really takes care of her Clients and Staff. She is a brilliant Hairstylist and her Staff follow in her footsteps mirroring her Passion for Hair.
You enter Phree Edge with no worries,you are in the best hands, you will walk out feeling on top of the World”
Maryna Fryer
I am one of the fortunate guys in this world who still have some hair left. I don’t know how long this joy will continue but for as long as it does I am also fortunate to know Lorinda at Phree Edge. I met Lorinda about 5 years ago and she is the only one I know who can tame the unruliness that is my hair! I so enjoy going to her salon, the people are amazingly friendly and to top it off there is always good coffee, cookies and chocolates. What more could you ever want form a  hairdresser!
Elvis Blue, Platinum Selling Musician,Singer and Songwriter
Finding the perfect hairdresser is like finding the perfect pair of jeans. It can be a long and arduous search with many pitfalls and missteps. Lorinda is a gem of a find! She made it her mission to help me find a colour and cut that is just perfect, and to her no one is “just a client” but every person is someone in whose whole being she is investing through her passion and skill. Lorinda and her team have set up the entire salon environment to accommodate the needs and comfort of their client’s and I adore going there!
Kona Brown, Mrs United Nations SA 2012, Mrs United Nations International 2012/2013

 I have know Lorinda for many years – spanning from my school days (a LONG time) to now – a mother and actress who has made peace with being cast as “the older mom” and “yesteryear’s exotic dancer” ie – some time!  I lost contact with Lorinda for a few years due to moving around a lot, but as I came to my senses and moved back to Jhb, I realized I was in need of someone to look after my oh so vain mane (I am in no denial).  What to do?  That’s when I stumbled upon a TV programme she ws a sponsor off and there she was!!!!  My Lorinda, my best hairdresser, the one who knows my hair best back in my life!  I gave her a call immediately and I knew my hair would once again be the happy mane it had always been before.  Lorinda is not just an excellent hairdresser, but she listens and actually cares about her customers (who are not always easy…  I would know, I am one of them)  I would recommend her to anybody who wishes to have hair to be proud of and a salon visit that doesn’t want to make you cry.

Natasja Jacobs, Actress and Radio Personality

 I Have known and been a client of Lorinda for the last 20 years.Quite simply put she is so much more than a Hairstylist- She is a genius. No-one Colours,cuts,styles so brilliantly and so suited to one’s individual hair needs as she    does. Her Knowledge of the science,texture of hair, and what suits who- is astounding. Lorinda is highly professional,friendly,honest,creative,caring,loads of fun- an inspiration.
In the film, TV and entertainment Industry, She is Known as the Top Go to person,Hairdresser of the Famous and Talented.No wonder so many of us swear by Lorinda.In Short I cannot thank or recommend her highly enough!

Lizz Meiring, Actress,TV Presenter,Director,Writer and Producer